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Rachel Harrington: NEW ALBUM!



After a long six-year hiatus from playing and touring, I've fallen back in love with music and am making another studio album of original songs. The cd will be called Hush The Wild Horses. These songs come from six years spent at home - homesteading you could say. Time living, time with family. These songs include stories and images from a bedside vigil with my dying grandmother, the wildfires of the West, the suicide death of an uncle post-Vietnam, the end of a romantic partnership and the beginning of my last one, family struggles with addiction and homelessness, becoming a horse owner again, being a citizen in these troubling times, the death of my songwriting hero Guy Clark. There's even a song from a dream in which Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings sang me a new song of theirs - a song that did not exist before that dream. And, sticking with tradition, one gospel - an original, and one acapella.

The overall sound of the album is aimed to be along the lines of my other solo albums - something akin to, to my ears, the best of Bootlegger's Daughter and Celilo Falls combined. I'd love to hire a few well-known musicians to play on the record, but that will depend on how much we raise.


Hang out here and watch the process!


Once funding is complete, I'll book studio dates. The official release will happen in July 2019 for Europe and the UK, and later in the year for the US. All pre-orders will be fulfilled as soon as I get cds from the manufacturer though.


Making records is not a profit-making endeavor, at least not for me. Simply put - I can't do it without you. It takes a village. I'll be self-releasing this album under my own label (SkinnyDennis Records) and I've secured top-notch publicists for the UK, mainland Europe, and the US. I've put together a very bare-bones budget. Here's what we're looking at...

Studio: $8000
Musicians: $1000
Mastering: $700
Graphic design: $500
Manufacturing 2000 cds: $2700
Mailing estimate: $500
Rewards merch (gtr picks, stickers, t-shirts): $500
UK & Europe promo: $1600 
US promo: $2000
Misc buffer: $500

Total Cost: $18,000


My good friend and brilliant water-colorist Rachael Rossman is, as we speak, hard at work on the album cover. Her website is www.rachaelrossman.comThank you so much, Rach!! You rawk!

If you have talents you might be able to donate or trade for cd rewards below, be in touch. 



Digital Pre-Order: DIGITAL ALBUM

$10 or more: Digital copy of the album before the official release date


$25 or more: A signed copy of the new CD before the official release date.  


$100 or more:  All of the above PLUS a limited edition RLH t-shirt and your name(s) listed on the cd sleeve as a Patron.

Rock n Roll Level: LESSONS

$200: Four 1-hour virtual lessons for voice, guitar, songwriting, performing, and assorted tricks of the trade. My strong suit is hearing where you are, where you want to be, and helping you move toward that - while cultivating what is unique about YOU. I'm also a pretty good song fixer/tweaker/whipper-into-shaper and can help you work on your own material.


$250 or more:  All of the above PLUS a one-of-a-kind piece: pretty handwritten lyrics of the RLH song of your choice, signed and framed. PLUS new RLH guitar picks and stickers. PLUS VIP tickets for two to the CD Release show in your area.


$500: All of the above PLUS a one-of-kind ORIGINAL: Lyrics and song sketches from one of your favorite songs of mine. Not kidding. I have a file drawer full of completed songs (each song in its own folder) that have cassette tapes (yes, cassette) of early drafts, melody ideas, lyric scraps written on napkins etc. I can’t promise your favorite song has ALL the various fun goodies in its folder, but I’ll check – and together we’ll find a song folder you want. Can send to you as-is, or have it framed, depending on folder contents. 

Muse/Co-Write Level: SONG TO ORDER

$750 or more: Be my muse and co-write a song. I’ll write a song for you (or help you write one) on the topic of your choice. We’ll meet on the phone or Skype to discuss your idea or story. Once we’ve written the song, you’ll get a studio recording of me performing it, including my signed, handwritten lyrics and my song development notes. It’ll be an official co-write.  

Executive Producer Level: ALL THE AWESOMENESS

$1000 or more: Your choice of the above gifts PLUS your name(s) listed in the CD sleeve as Executive Producer, VIP guest list admission to any shows EVER, and invites to the pre- and post-show dinner/mixer at any CD Release shows. PLUS up to 50 copies of the new cd to give as gifts to your friends. PLUS my eternal gratitude and my first born son (good luck, lol!).

Executive Producer Level PLUS House Concert 

$2000 or more: Everything above, PLUS a free concert at your home (or special event?) for whomever you wish to invite. 

Any questions at all?  Email me directly at rachelharringtonmusic(at)yahoo(dot)com

Click the image below to donate with credit card or PayPal.  Or simply mail a check to:

Rachel Harrington
9614 SW 268th St
Vashon Island, WA   98070

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!  

With love and gratitude,



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July 9, 2018: the cover artwork by Rachael Rossman in progress...