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Rachel Harrington: Audio

Hippie In My House

(Rachel Harrington)
June 19, 2012
Inspired by the original Hippie In My House as written by Halden Wofford & Steve Novick

There's a hippie in my house
I found him on the street
With shaggy hair and earrings
And stinky bare feet

He was lookin really dirty
Like a sickly little pup
So I thought I'd take him in a while
And try to clean him up

Gazin' at my taxidermy
He said we're all one
And then he put his rainstick
Next to my shotgun

He sat down in half lotus
Started reading tarot cards
And there's some funny lookin' plants
Growing out there in the yard

Peace and love, man
The Tao of Poof
This land is your land too

Well he bought a solar panel
Built an entire wind farm
Ordered a composting toilet
Said somethin' about do no harm

The bills were piling up
The costs proved to be titanic
Plus, everything we buy now
Has to be organic


Costs being what they were
I started a museum
Open up the front door
Let the tourists come in and see him

I put up a neon sign
And charge five bucks a head
With admission you get to smoke a bowl
And even take home a dread

When the protesters came
Trying to save their kin 
They was all wearin' t-shirts that said
Free The Hippie Within

Camera crews and TV news
A-bangin' down my door
The government intervened 
Hell they even stopped the war

I started feeling bad
About the whole snafu
Til my hippie took my hand and said
What would Bob do?

I knew I had to let him go
I said que sera
So we said goodbye and held hands
And sang Kumbaya