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2019 Album & Touring - March 7, 2019

Hey there!

Happy Townes Van Zandt's birthday, and thanks for stopping by. I'm at work finishing songs for my new album, Hush The Wild Horses. Now we just need to raise the last little bit before I get into the studio.

To follow along in the writing and recording process, visit my songwriting blog here:

To pre-order the new album or otherwise donate to the cause, go here:

I Wish I Was In Austin, my lo-fi, entirely solo covers album, is done! Listen and download here:

I'll be touring the UK all of July. Then the American West in August. Then I head over to the Netherlands in late Sept, with a week or two in the UK in Oct.


New Albums & Tour - September 2, 2018

Thanks for stopping by! After a 6-year hiatus from recording and touring, I'm back in the saddle. I'm happy to announce two new albums. One is a covers album of some of favorite songs by some of my favorite songwriters. It's called I Wish I Was In Austin and it comes out soon. The other is an album of new original songs. That's called Hush The Wild Horses, and that'll come out in 2019. For more info on the album of originals, please visit the New Album page:

I'm also hitting the road again soon. See the tour dates page.

And, since I've got you here, I want to say thanks a bunch for your support over the years. Means a lot to this girl who just wanted to be a country singer when she grew up.

Hope to see ya soon!

Your fan,

On The Road Again! - August 12, 2017

Hi there,

I'm just finishing my first tour in five years. I was invited by one of my favorite festivals to play this summer, in Scotland, and couldn't say no. That turned into two and half weeks of gigs in the UK. I gotta tell ya - it was awesome. I was scared to death to tour solo, and after all this time, and without a proper new album... Who's gonna remember me? Who's gonna come to the shows? Who's gonna care?

The answer was clear. YOU. It's just crazy. After all this time, folks crawling out of the woodwork to come hear me play. So many of them have all my cds, just huge fans, and so happy to see me back. Folks saying how much they enjoyed the shows, hoping I'll come back soon, and asking when or if I'll ever have a new cd out.

So. I have one show left on this tour, in London. But once I'm back home, I'm gonna circle the wagons and figure out how to get this pony show back in gear. These years I've taken this break, I've been playing guitar a bunch, and have two dozen songs that send tingles down my spine. Maybe they will yours too? We'll see...

Thanks for hanging in there with me, and coming out to shows (rare as they have been), and for sending me little notes and well wishes. Taken to heart, my friend. Thank you.

More news soon...

Much love,

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